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Apr 01, 2022

The 5 best places in Paris to photograph flowering trees in Springtime

We dream of Paris in the Spring, and there is something very special about the city as the trees burst into flower, adorning the already photogenic streets with a gorgeous array of delicate pink and white blossoms. We’ve selected our favourite spots in the city to admire the Parisian spring in all its glory and to ensure you get the very best photo opportunities.

The gardens of the Palais Royal

The gorgoeus gardens of the Palais Royal are worth a detour at any time of the year, but in spring they really come into their own. Former palace of the young Louis XIV, the beautiful gardens are surrounded by elegant galleries filled with tiny boutiques. The magnolias burst into flower in mid-March, cafe terraces spill out into the sunshine, and you may well hear the thudding of pétanque balls as players gather under the trees. Get a coffee to go at café Kitsuné and pull up a chair by the fountain, in full view of the wonderful fuchsia and white flowers.

Palais Royal, 75001 Paris

Nearest metro: Palais Royal Musée du Louvre

Square Gabriel Pierné (behind the Institut de France)

Tucked away behind the Institut de France, a building that most people just glance at as they pass by the front along the riverside, is one of the most spectacular hidden displays of flowering cherry trees in the capital. Not many people know it, but this tiny (and fairly ordinary at all other times of the year) square becomes home to a glorious effervescence of pink blossoms in April. Every tree in the square is laden with flowers and the dome and walls of the Institut behind make a perfect backdrop for photos. Take a sandwich, sit on one of the benches under the trees and look up!

Square Gabriel Pierné, 5 rue de Seine, 75006 Paris

Nearest metro:  Mabillon

By the Eiffel Tower on the Champ de Mars

A photo of the Eiffel Tower with a flowering magnolia or cherry blossom in the foreground is not to be missed! You’ll need to get creative, explore the gardens and position the tower right behind a tree in full bloom, but there are just enough of them on both sides of the Champ de Mars in front of the tower to allow you to get the perfect shot.

Champ de Mars, 75007 Paris

Nearest metro:  Ecole Militare

Shakespeare & Company bookstore

Many visitors to Paris will take a pilgrimage to legendary bookstore Shakespeare and Company. This historic bookshop is photogenic at any time of the year - it sits in a prime spot on the Left Bank overlooking the river and Notre Dame, the books spill out to the front of the shop and they have an equally photogenic Wallace fountain just in front. But the best time of year to snap a photo of this legendary bookstore is when the cherry trees just in front are in full bloom (early-mid April). You can relax outside their café next door and enjoy a coffee and a slice of lemon pie as you admire the pink blossoms. (Our photo below was taken last Spring during lockdown when bookshops were among the only places open, we can't wait to enjoy sitting outside with friends under the blossoms this year!)

37 rue de la Bucherie, 75005 Paris

Nearest metro:  St Michel

The Jardin des Plantes

The Jardin des Plantes is beloved by Parisians, and is a wonderful place for flower lovers - it’s a world class botanical garden with the greatest diversity of trees, plants and flowers in the city. It’s also home to an incredibe collection of flowering cherry trees, including what’s probably the largest cherry tree in Paris! From late March through early April it’s well worth a visit, if you love spring flowering trees you’ll get some spectacular photos here. After your walk through the gardens, why not pop into the tea house in the gardens of the Grand Mosquée de Paris nearby and enjoy a delicious hot mint tea and pastries. A well kept secret, Parisians love spending time here!

57 rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris

Nearest metro: Jussieu